Instagram Tips

I am by no means Instagram famous, but I thought I would share how I went from staying at a solid 200 followers to gaining followers quickly.


Ease up on the selfies. one here and there when you’re looking really good, year go for it ! one everyday? We aren’t going to forget what you look like. You may lose followers and certainly won’t gain them unless you’re famous.


Post often. A sunset, sunrise, a random flower, something pretty to fill the feed, and make sure you put some #’s in there to be seen by other potential followers!



Going on a hike? A trip? Don’t forget your camera or even your phone ! Photo Opportunities are everywhere! You don’t want to be caught without your camera when the perfect moment hits.



Explore other peoples photos! There are incredible photographers that show their work on Instagram! Searching things like #macro, #nature or #naturephotography will bring you to a ton of fantastic photos that you can look through and like, this will also bring attention to YOUR Instagram.




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