My Best Tips for a Happier Life

Before I get started… My life is in no way perfect. In fact this time last year I had no Idea what I even wanted from life. I knew for certain that I was a good mother and that’s about all that I knew. In the past year I have come to learn who I am, what I love, what I am meant to do in life and what helps me relax and be happy. I am just sharing some tips that help me.

    • This may possibly be the most important tip there is.. If you cannot fix the problem, do not let it destroy your day. Assess if it is even as big as you think it is, because a lot of the time, it isn’t.


  • Learn to count your blessings rather than keep a count of what you don’t have, what you would love to have, or what others have that you don’t. This isn’t healthy, and you either can’t have it all, or you will put yourself in debt trying to get there, which is another issue all on its own.



  • Write a budget. No one likes to be broke, seriously. Living paycheque to paycheque adds to your stress and really bums you out.



  • HAVE GOALS. How do you know where you’re going in life if you don’t have any goals? set your goals and immediately start working towards them!



  • Wake up earlier. I know I know, you’re thinking I’m crazy and saying “that will make me crankier!” .. No.. you will get on a proper sleeping schedule and really become well rested and happier ! Plus, there is a beautiful silence to the morning where the coffee tastes better, or tea, and breakfast is so yummy in the peace and quiet.



  • My last tip is to be open and out there, make new friends and be open to new experiences. Don’t waste time being too shy to say hello to someone, they could end up being your best friend through college or work!


Life isn’t going to run smooth all of the time, but with these tips you can stop bringing negativity to it yourself and improve your day a ton!


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