Therapeutic Photography is a lot like Phototherapy but you can do this on your own, without help from a counsellor. Using photography as a method for therapy is incredibly healing and freeing. The benefits are endless.

  • increase well-being
  • improve on your personal relationships
  • rehabilitation
  • bringing light to issues
  • improve upon your mood & mental health

I use my camera for therapy, taking photos for me helps me breathe a little deeper, think more clear, smile brighter. I can figure out anything I couldn’t before. I am not one who likes to talk about all of my problems in length to a complete stranger so counselling isn’t really for me when I have something I am stuck on or if something is upsetting me. Grabbing my camera and taking pictures helps me figure everything out.

There is also PhotoTherapy for those who like photos and help from counsellors, that would be good to look into. Photography is now a valid means of therapy and self-healing. For those wondering why photographers can love photography so deeply.

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