Why Photography?

DSC_1008    How do I begin to answer this question.. Photography isn’t just pictures to me, it’s expression, an art form that shows the beauty of anything. Not just a person but inanimate objects and just about anything else. I could bore my friends for hours about my most recent favourite photo I managed to get or my favourite camera settings, I do try not too. I thought I could use this blog to try and explain why photography, to help my friends understand me more. 

I have never been a strong artist when it comes to drawing or painting. I just started sketching this year when it was required in the course I am taking in school. Although I am not steady enough for drawing, I am an extremely creative person. When I look in a room the first thing I notice is the contrast and patterns in the design, how everything comes together. When I see a photo I try and determine if it was a candid photo or if everything was placed intentionally. I see sunsets, waterfalls, animals, etc as photo opportunities and a vacation didn’t happen if there wasn’t a camera present.

When I was little I wrote stories all the time, I took a lot of pictures too, but with film.. A lot of money went into developing! I get to tell my stories through my photos now, best of both worlds ! I think of myself as an artist.. That doesn’t mean I draw and paint masterpieces, I create masterpieces through my lens and freeze memories in time. Photography is my passion. That’s why.


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